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Hints and Tips for Employers

We want you to get the most out of the Careersinracing Job Board. Once you have registered as an Employer, make sure you create your Company Profile and upload your own company logo to sit alongside your job vacancies. You can choose how you wish to receive/view your applications - either delivered to your account, received by email, to a application website or by simply asking job seekers to call you directly. Applicants can attach their CV and a covering letter when applying for jobs. If you need help at any time, please email us at recruit@careersinracing.com.

Making your vacancy sound appealing

You want the best candidate there is to apply for your role. So it’s worth taking a moment to think about the main selling points of the job. Maybe you’re a Trainer having a good season, who can offer stable staff the thrill of working with a string of winning horses and good bonuses in prize money. Or perhaps you’re a Racecourse Manager with exciting development plans. In short, let the candidate know why working for you is the best option. The more information you give about your vacancy, the more appealing it will be to job seekers to apply.

Avoiding discrimination against certain sectors of the population in your advert

New legislation on age discrimination has made changes to the way jobs can be described. Specifying the age of people you are looking for is illegal and words such as ‘young’ or ‘mature’ should be avoided. Words such as 'lad', 'lass' or 'girl' should not be used. When you submit a job vacancy on this job board, the Team at careersinracing will check the wording of your advert before the vacancy is put live on the job board. They will make the necessary changes, if needed, to ensure your vacancy reads correctly and is not discriminative in anyway.